Places we like to visit.

As we cruise around, we see things that are amazing, interesting or just plain funny. Here is a collection of those links.


I love to listen to new music, but the radio has not been able

Pandora's Music Player

The Web Gallery of Art

This is a fabulous site created by two Hungarians that is thoroughly interesting. To use their own introduction:

The Web Gallery of Art is a virtual museum and searchable database of European painting and sculpture of the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque periods (1100-1850), currently containing over 13,900 reproductions. Commentaries on pictures, biographies of artists are available. Guided tours, free postcard and other services are provided for the visitors.

NASA Satellite Images for Earth.

The link attached to this heading goes to the NASA home page. But my favorite places are actually two great links listed below. All these images are of amazing clarity and have excellent commentary explaining them.

First, every day NASA posts images that are often relevant to BIG events on earth. Forest fires, the tsunami in the Indian Ocean (before and after images) and lately before and after images of hurricane Katrina.

Second, NASA has a collection of images that categorized by various topics. You just have to

Google Maps .

This is my favorite map site. It is both easy to use and great fun since they added the satellite view. There is also a UK version at

Cool Ways to Use Google

Google has a zillion ways to make your searches more relevant. But most people do not investigate them. One of my favorite helpful Google search features is for movie times in my area. This page explains how that works. (If your results are not local, be sure you understand how Google Local works.) If you scroll to the top of the page, you will see list of other search tools. For instance, sometimes I only want to find my search term in PDF files only. There is a way to restrict the file format of your search returns! Gosh I love Google.

Goofy Fun

This site is base on humorous mis-translations of English in Japan, China and other eastern nations. Many times you can see the creator of the message tried very hard to get their meaning across only to have literal and detailed translations make the message more difficult. (English can be such a clumsy language.) There is alos an amazing amount of "L" and "R" confusion. While you are laughing, remember this: there could easily be a similar site in Japan or China with pictures of even funnier mis-translations as tattoos on American bodies.

more to come