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Dictionary of Problem Words and Expressions

Possibly the most useful reference book I have ever purchased. One example of how it works and you are hooked. Is it "capital" or "capitol"?

capital, capitol. The first of these words may be employed in all meanings except that of the a building. A capitol is an edifice, a building. "He raised new capital for the company." "The sightseeing bus in the capital passed the state capitol."

You may be thinking "I knew that." But tell me the usages of insure, ensure and assure. With this book you simply look up one of the words alphabetically and get referenced to the explanation. Sometimes this book quietly sits on its shelf for months before being pulled out to quickly resolve a terrible stumbling block.

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World Time

Need to know what time it is somewhere else in the world? This is a great spot. I am sure there are lots of time zone oriented site, but this is in my bookmarks. This site has lots of info about time and calendars.

Need to know how to call from country to country? This same site has an easy to menu for this.

Get Your Zip Codes Here

This is the US Post Office's page for looking up specific Zip codes. If you want to know your 9 digit version you can find it here also.