What we have.

Right clicking your mouse.

I realize this topic may seem a little trite and a bit geeky, but even you think you know this, you may find it more versatile that you thought. No one should leave this site without an understanding of the importance of using your right mouse button. It is why I replace my Mac's one button mouse with a two button variety as soon as I unpack it. Every Mac user needs to read this.

Zip files have never been easier to handle.

Both Windows XP and Mac OS X quietly added built-in ZIP functionality. (At least nobody wrote me a memo about it.) In both cases it is so integrated into the OS that lots of people do not what you can do with it.

JPEG and what it should mean to you.

Some important things you need to know about JPEG files - even if all you do is snap vacation photos with your digital camera. But there is a key concept about JPEG files that effects your working with web and print publishing.

Screen captures that work for printing.

How to make (and save) good screen captures using the tools you have in your operating system.


What is on the way.

The central force of PowerPoint.

Most people have never been properly trained on programs like PowerPoint. These people are doomed to late nights of fiddling around with tedious changes to presentations at the last minute. Or maybe just doomed to hard to read and unprofessional presentations. But if you follow my simple formula, you will become rich with power and productivity.

Tell us what you want to know.

We only think of these things after the zillionth time we explain them to someone, but you may have a question that has bugged you for years. And we may have a simple explanation. Let us know.