What we have.

Reading on the web.

This is the second oldest problem on the internet. There is a interactive part of the pages that lets you test various typefaces for readability.

RSS - You see it everywhere one the web, but what is it?

This article will give you some basics on this growing and still forming technology. (But this article is not really finished.)

What is on the way.

But how big is a pixel?

The wacky world of computer monitor sizes and how they effect your web site.


The internet.

Web sites. Intranets. Email. Spam. Pop ups. Pop unders. Search engines. Browsers. Servers. How do people keep up with all this stuff?

Here are some things we do know:

I cannot make out your computing platform.

I cannot make out which browser you are using.

Your computer’s monitor is pixels wide by high.

Tell us what you want to know.